I noticed you necklace. Do you know what it means or have you just bought it because you like it?


It’s a gift, and yes I know the meaning of that symbol. :)

Lost and found

I belive all of you have been in situation where something of yours somehow got lost. You probably felt bad about that, but losing your weed is just another kind of bad.



Guess what?? I had my very first street race last night and I fucking owned that guy and his douchemobile. Adrenaline rush was bit too much tho, so I had to stop and calm down for a second, there goes my cool. I should really stop doing stupid shit like that.

Beside that last night was awesome, we got stoned and decided that we should visit our friend from high school. She lives in another city. Twas cool. After that we kept driving around randomly, smoked some more in this small place by the sea. By the time we were back party we had in mind was over, that was bummer.
There was shitload of awesome moments but I don’t know how to put all that in few sentences.

My best friend is having the gag tonight. Can’t wait :)

PS- I saved the cat today :3